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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School!

Today was the first day of first grade.  We went over the classroom rules and procedures.  It felt like I was talking a lot!  It was a great first day and the kiddos had fun in art with Ms. Catherine.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I have not posted for awhile... we have been busy in first grade!!  Yesterday was the Valentine's Day Tea and the students had a blast.  Today we are working on Valentine's Day math.  The kiddos are enjoying measuring and graphing their candy hearts. 

I hope everyone enjoys the three day weekend!

Friday, November 22, 2013


We are busy in first grade.  We wrote turkey stories this last week. We wrote from the turkey prospective.  Students had to think like a turkey and provide reasons that they should not be eaten. 

Additonally, we made turkeys were we had to count by 5s for the feathers.
On another note, in science we are learning about about germs in science.  We are doing our best not to spread our germs!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

End of October

Math:  We are finishing up our addition math unit.  In this unit students learned many different ways to add numbers.  We learned:
1. Counting on a number line
2. Grabbing a number and counting up
3. Doubles
5. Doubles plus one or doubles minus one
6. We can add in any order

Following our addition math unit, we will be learning subtraction strategies.

Reading:  We are continuing to read stories.  The focus of our reading is to question what we have read, evaluate what we have read, and predicting before, during, and after reading.  In the month of October, Students will receive a Pizza Hut coupon for reading at home.  The more we read the better readers we will become.

Writing:  This month our writing has had a Halloween theme.  Students wrote an acrostic poem using a Halloween theme.  We also write a candy corn poem which the students loved.

Science:  We are wrapping up our senses theme this week in school.  We learned more about sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste.  As a class we decided that we do not like really dark chocolate because it is bitter.

Social Studies:  We are continuing to work in our School Community notebooks.  So far we have learned about Mr. Heywood, Ms. Diane and Ms. Carrie Ann. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Picture Day!

Tuesday, October 15th is picture day.  We will take individual shots and a group shot.  Our pictures should be done by morning recess!

Monday, October 7, 2013

October is Here!

Math:  We have finished our second chapter in math (basic subtraction).  Now we are moving on to addition strategies.  So far we have learned the following strategies:

1. Using a number line
2. Counting on
3. Doubles

Reading:  We are reading a lot in school!  We are working on fluently reading 3 to 4 words in a sentence.  We are also working on noticing details and predicting when reading.

Writing:  In the coming weeks we will be working on writing Halloween themed stories.  We are also working on making sure our sentences start with a capital letter and end with some kind of punctuation. 

Science:  We have been exploring the scientific method.  The kiddos love to mix different things.  Now we will start learning more about our senses. 
Mixing vinegar in baking soda

Mixing baking soda into different liquids.
Social Studies:  We have begun work on our School Community books.  We brained stormed all of the people who are a part of a school.  We came up with teachers, para educators, principal, secretary, KIDS, parents, friends, and grand parents.  In the coming weeks we will learn more about the individual roles of the members of MCS.

Field Trip:  This week we went to the Youth Garden and had a blast learning about community!
Looking at the chickens

A picture of one of the cats we made.  We are getting in the Halloween spirit!
Just a reminder: in first grade students are allowed to wear their costumes all day on Halloween.

Monday, September 16, 2013


We have been busy at school this week!

Math:  In math we had our first math assessment on basic addition.  In math this week we discussed sums of 10.  We were able to come up with multiple ways to make 10!  Our next math chapter focuses on subtraction concepts.  This chapter is intended to be a review for students.

When we finished with our first math assessment, we did a fun math project.  We had to come up with an addition sentence to match the number and color of seeds in our watermelon.  Each watermelon had to have 10 seeds.  We were playing with sums of 10.
We came up with plans for our watermelon math activity.
Here is a finished water melon with an addition sentence.

Reading:  Our reading centers are up and going.  During language arts students rotate through different stations.  Students read with me, work at their desks, work at the back table, and work on the computers.  On the computers we use a program called Raz Kids.  If you would like to access Raz Kids at home you will need our class password.  To access Raz Kids copy and paste the address http://www.raz-kids.com/main/Login, once at the site you will need to type in a password.  The password for our class is mroyi.  This site allows students to read books and have books read to them.  There are also comprehension questions at the end.

Spelling:  We have begun working on spelling words.  For spelling we use a program called Words Their Way.  Students sort pictures and/or words based on the spelling rule that is being worked on that week. 

Science:  In science we have been using the scientific method during our experiments.  One of our first science experiments was to see what happens when coke and mentos are mixed together.

Sewing:  Last week we started sewing our reading book bags!  Sewing can be difficult. :)

The book bags are finished.  Reading homework will go home in the book bag on Monday.  Please have your child use the book bag to transport books from school to home and back again.